Knowledge Base

Categories (11)

Academic Applications

Software used for academic coursework.

Account Services

Account Services includes password reset, account re-enable and other account related issues.

Desktop Services

Computer, Software, and Workstation related matters.

Email and Groups

Get support for your email and related services such as distribution lists and delegated accounts.

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise applications such as Automic, Banner, DegreeWorks, Perceptive Content, WebFocus, and Self Service Banner.

Information Security

Report Information Security issues here.

Network and Wireless Connectivity

Network access for wired and wireless...

Phone and Voicemail

Request activations, changes, or repairs to a VoIP phone, including voicemail or setting up call-forwarding.

Printing Services

Request troubleshooting or printing assistance with PaperCut or Web Print for printers and copiers.

Salesforce COE

Salesforce requests and issues.

Web Applications

Support for the main website and the various web applications that are hosted.