Technology is missing from the classroom


If you notice that some of the technology in classroom appears to be missing, please follow these steps:


  1. If the missing technology is software, please see this article: I have software that I need installed in a classroom
  2. If the missing technology is hardware, please make sure that it is something that is normally found in the classroom. Some classrooms have different requirements than others.
    • Any missing hardware should be immediately reported to your local Security personnel. They may need to determine whether the object was stolen as soon as possible to determine a proper course of action.
    • After contacting Security, call or email the CSC at the number below so that ITS records the incident and can work with security on retrieving the missing property, or replacing it.
  3. If the missing technology is a remote control for VCRs, DVD players, or projectors:
    • Most of these devices are fully operational if the remote controls are missing. A temporary workaround is to use the controls on the device itself. Please report to the Customer Support Center for replacement or repair.
    • Please do not take a remote control from another location. This has the potential of making it very difficult

If you are having trouble, or have any questions, please give us a call at x1212 or 1-800-322-3984 and we can assist you further.


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